An Open Letter to My Church in a Pivotal Moment

Dear Church,

In the New Testament, there are two words for time: chronos, the time we measure with clocks and stopwatches and “how-many-more-episodes-of-Parks-and-Rec-can-I-watch-before-bed” time; there’s also kairos, time that is less measurable but no less real.

A woman whose water just broke is now experiencing kairos time—she’s experiencing a special moment. Moses had a kairos moment when he found the burning bush on the far side of a desert; Peter had a kairos moment when he looked at a beggar and said, “Stand up and walk.”

We’re in the midst of our own kairos moment, one of those times when God grabs you by the collar and says: Pay attention! Look! I am up to something! 

I came back from a conference just a couple days ago and I was all hyped up on ideas (and caffeine) and just left some really great conversations with our team and now we’re seeing all sorts of possibilities and opportunities and kairos moments and I just wanted to say:

Pay attention. Look! Jesus is up to something. 

We’re processing how we can best disciple the next generation, how we can keep up with the demands of a growing, multi-site church, how we can have systems that bear the weight of not just the growing, multi-site church we are now, but what we will be. 

There is so. much. here. and I just don’t want us, in the midst of it all to miss Jesus. I don’t want to talk about Him like He’s not in the room; I don’t want to build something that isn’t entirely, utterly dependent on His presence.

I’m not trying to be over-spiritual; I’m not trying to minimize the important work we’re doing, but hear me on this: if Jesus isn’t at the center of every conversation about, “How do we get enough volunteers so we don’t burn anyone out?” and “What clear, compelling language do we need to express this?” and “What system gets us organized and moving together in the right direction?” we’ve done nothing more than waste our time. 

It’s terrifying that we can do God’s work without much need for God—it’s awfully scary that we can expand a kingdom that isn’t the Kingdom Jesus came to give us.

So, a few things: pray like you’ve never prayed before. This is a moment when we have to get moving and stay still at the very same time and the only way we do this is through prayer—for leaders, for the mission, for Jesus to be known and made known through our efforts.

Take care of yourself. Get sleep, eat good food. Hug your kids, tell your spouse you love ’em. Learn to say no so you can say ‘yes’ to the best stuff. Get in the face of Jesus (see above) about all of this.

Have the hard conversation. These are the moments when the Enemy can derail us with a word heard wrongly, or a conflict left unresolved. Ask the hard questions—ask for forgiveness.

Don’t forget about who this is all for: all our efforts are unto Jesus and for the person who’s not in the room yet.

We’re in a kairos moment, and Jesus could do anything. But for now: pay attention, look! Jesus is up to something. 

It’s my highest honor to love you, and be called,

Your Pastor

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